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Marshmallow Brownies

So here are the Brownies i said i was going to make =)


200g Butter

100g milk chocolate

100g dark chocolate

1 pack of marshmallows

80g drinking chocolate

65g plain flour

150g  brown sugar

210g white sugar

1 teaspoon coffee

4 eggs


Preheat the oven to 180c/360f/ gas 4  then line a baking tin (beware that if the tin is deep it will take forever to cook)

melt the chocolate and butter together and mix until smooth then add the marshmallows,( you can cut up the marshmallows to make it look like there is more)

in a different bowl mix all of the dry ingredients then add this to the chocolate mix.

Beat the eggs then add to the mix and keep mixing until it looks smooth and glossy.

cook for around 35 mins ( mine took over a hour due to my tin and its still soft in the middle)


Have fun making them and let me know what you think =) and sorry for the poor quality images i took these on my phone and it doesnt look very pretty



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